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Today was an ok day. The school year is winding down and that's having a decompressing effect on me. I like school but I feel like this year I developed some habits (such as time-management ones) that I'd like to break, and summer is a good time for that.

Tomorrow is Musicfest, a music competition up here in Spokane. I played the competition set piece this morning for a prelude in both services which was meant to be a warm-up performing experience, but really was just kind of depressing. I played well, but no one listened. I guess people just assumed that I was background music or something. (By the way, this could open up a whole discussion on the role of service music in the church and in fact already has today as I discussed the event with our organist, but I won't go into any of that here.)

The afternoon was spent writing a paper and making the main course for the last family dinner night of the year. Family dinner night is when a bunch of people from school get together for some home-cooked food. We do it about 3 times a month at various houses. Today I made dijon mustard backed chicken breasts and they were very good.

I also got to play a little concert tonight for family dinner night. I played for about 15 minutes for ten people or so in a friend's living room. It was the first time I've done something like that and it was really cool. It was the most laid back and fun performance experience I've ever had. I'll have to keep on doing stuff like that, I think it'll be good for my playing. Hopefully it put me in a good mindset for the competition tomorrow. I really don't care this time around if I win anything or not, I just want to keep racking up the performance experience. Something like this with high pressure in an inhospitable is a good thing to get used to. If I can relax and play well in that kind of situation I think I could do well with pretty much anything.

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