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Too Much Computer!!!

One of the reasons I decided to pursue music in education and ultimately my career was so I could get away from computers. For a while when I was younger I seriously considered entering some sort of computer based career, but I think that's something I grew out of. But alas, this past week has found me sitting at the computer once again redesigning this blog and now Jeni's as well. Go take a look at her page. I honestly think her's looks a lot better than mine. Hey, at least I've got Granny.

2 Responses to “Too Much Computer!!!”

  1. # Blogger Jenevieve

    you know, you say too much, but you were still at the computer for awhile after you posted this. Maybe it should say "too much jeni's blog" or "too much html code" or "too much blogger template".

    does it bother you that this comment was only and entirely to see if i remembered what you taight me about html?  

  2. # Blogger Pappy McVulgar

    Nice sight Matt. I like granny. Can you get her to say stuff as you open the whatch you want or give me ma squerriiiil.  

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